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Sony 2009 UK / European HDTV Lineup

Just a short month after announcing their new U.S lineup for 2009 at CES, Sony have now revealed their Bravia lineup for the UK and Europe.

Most of the models are the same, but of course with different model names, and slight specification differences.  This year Sony seem to be targeting the Eco friendly side of the market with their greenest ever LCD HDTVs, especially with the new WE5 series, and also the advanced networked, media technology side.

DLNA support enables you to stream, video, music and photos from a networked PC or media server, and control playback functions such as fast forwarding and pausing via the Bravia remote, without the need of connecting the HDTV to a media PC. A USB media player lets you connect a USB memory stick or USB device to view photos, play music and also playback videos from devices such as a Cyber-shot digital camera.

Sony AppliCast

New to the Sony Bravia’s this year is AppliCast, a feature which enables you to access a range of online services without needing a PC. Connecting to the Internet via the Ethernet port, the HDTV can display news, share prices, weather, gossip and more from RSS feed. Widgets are used to display information, and small applications such as a calender, and world clock alongside the TV picture.

Sony Bravia WE5 Series

The Sony WE5 Series is the first HDTV range to feature a micro-tubular HCFL backlight, which reduces power consumption by over 50%. This Eco friendly “green” HDTV also features a presence sensor, which can switch off the picture when no one is in the room, and turn on when you re-enter.

sony kdl-46we5w (Sony WE5)

Not only is the WE5 series about saving energy, it also boasts very impressive specifications such as Bravia Engine 3, and Motionflow 100Hz with image blur reduction. Available as the 40-inch Sony KDL-40WE5W, and 46-inch Sony KDL-46WE5W.

More information on the Sony WE5 Series.

Sony Bravia W5500 Series

The Sony W5000 series brings the technology to the popular W Series.  With the a great “Draw the line” design and piano black finish, along with a Full HD / 10800 LCD panel.  Available in five sizes (32/37/40/46/52-inch), all with MotionFlow 100Hz technology, Bravia Engine 3, Live Colour, and Applicast ans DLNA support.

Sony Bravia W5500

More information on the Sony W5500 Series.

Sony Bravia V5500 Series

The Sony V5500 series is just one model down from the W series and also boasts some impressive features.  With the same stylish “Draw the line” styling and black finish surrounding a 1080p full HD LCD panel.  Available in 32/37/40/46/52-inch sizes.  Bravia Engine 3, and Live Colour are featured along with DLNA support and AppliCast features.

sony kdl-40v5500

More information on the Sony V5500 Series.

Sony Bravia E5500 Series

The Sony E5500 series updates Sony’s very stylish “Picture Frame” design HDTV.  Ideal for people who dislike the typical black box in the corner TV.  Available with a choice of black, walnut and aluminium finishes.

Available in two sizes, as the 32-inch Sony KDL-32E5500, and the 40-inch Sony KDL-40E5500.  Both also feature Bravia Engine 3, MotionFlow 100Hz with IB reduction, and DLNA and Applicast features.

Sony Bravia E5500

More information on the E5500 Series.

Sony KDL-22E5300 | Sony E5300 Series

The Sony Bravia E5300 Series consists of one 22-inch LCD HDTV, the Sony KDL-22E5300.  With a similar picture frame design to the Sony E5500 series the KDL-22E5300 is perfect for a bedroom or office, or as a second HDTV.  Available in black or white colour finishes.  DLNA, USB media player and AppliCast are also supported, along with 4x HDMI 1.3 inputs.

Sony S5500 Series

The Sony Bravia S5500 series is Sony’s latest entry level Bravia LCD HDTV representing great value.  With a piano black finish, and available as the 22-inch KDL-22S5500 (£475), 32-inch KDL-32S5500 (£599), 37-inch KDL-37S5500 (£849), and the 40-inch KDL-40S5500(£999).

The 37-inch and 40-inch feature a 1080p / Full HD LCD panel.  Three HDMI 1.3 inputs are featured, along with a USB 2.0 input for viewing photos, or playing Mp3s.

sony kdl-40s5500