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Sony 2008 HDTV Lineup

Sony has been very busy at this years CES (Consumer Electronics Show) and have announced a total of 17 brand new Sony Bravia LCD HDTVs to the market.

They have split these 17 new models into six different model lines, starting at the top of the line down, the Z, W, V, XBR6, N and M Series. Covering a size ranging from just 19-inches all the way to 52-inches.

The new 2008 Sony line of Bravia’s feature several models with slim bezels and depth, and also feature a new 3D graphics interface, along with the ability to play back video and music from a portable media device such as an iPod or similar via the Digital Media Port (DMP). Also with the Sony Digital Media Extender (DMeX) technology integrated throughout the lineup, allow new add-on models to expand the functionality.

Sony Bravia Z-Series (Sony Z4100)

Sony Bravia KDL-40Z4100

First up is the top of the range, Sony Bravia Z-Series. The Sony Z-Series consist of two models, the 40-inch Sony KDL-40Z4100, and the 46-inch Sony KDL-46Z4100. Both have a slim, elegant bezel and full HD 1080p 10-bit LCD panel and feature the new Bravia Engine 2 for image enhancement, Motionflow 120Hz (for smooth, clear images), 24p, WCG-CCFL backlight, x.v.Color, ACE (Advanced Contrast Enhancer circuitry). Inputs are very healthy with 4x HDMI, 2x component, and PC input.

Sony Bravia W-Series (Sony W4100)

Second from the top is the new Sony W-Series, continuing on from last year hugely popular Sony W3000 range. The new W-Series (Sony W4100) consist of the 40-inch KDL-40W4100, 46-inch KDL-46W4100, and the 52-inch KDL-52W4100. They feature full 1080p HD 10-but LCD panels, 3D interface, 24p, Bravia Sync, DMeX & DMP compatibility. The new W4100′s now feature Motionflow 120Hz high frame rate technology. Inputs include 4x HDMI 1.3, 2x component, PC input, and USB photo viewer.

Sony Bravia V-Series (Sony V4100)

Sony KDL-46V4100

Sony’s 1080p Full HD entry level offering is their Sony Bravia V-Series. The Sony V-Series is available as the 40-inch KDL-40V4100, 46-inch KDL-46V4100 and 52-inch KDL-52V4100. All models are 1080p HD, and feature a 3D graphics interface, Bravia Sync, Bravia Engine 2, 24p, and are DMeX compatible. Inputs include, 4x HDMI 1.3 (1080p/60/24p), 2x component, USB photo viewer, and PC VGA input.

Sony Bravia XBR6-Series

Sony KDL-37xbr6

The Sony XBR6 series could be a great option for someone looking for a smaller sized Full 1080p HD LCD set. The XBR6 series is available in either the 32-inch KDL-32XBR6 model, or the larger 37-inch KDL-37XBR6. Both offer a full 1920×1080 pixel resolution, with Motion Flow 120Hz, 24p support, 3D graphic interface, DMeX, support, 4x HDMI and 2x component inputs.

Sony Bravia N-Series (Sony N4000)

The Sony Bravia N Series is being touted as the premium N series which has been designed with audio, (and gamers) very much in mind. The slick design will complement PlayStation 3 and other gaming consoles and brings integrated 5.1 audio, and a 720p HD LCD screen. Available as the 26-inch KDL-26N4000, 32-inch KDL-32N4000 and the 37-inch KDL-37N4000. All feature DMP compatibility for playback from portable music devices.

Sony Bravia M-Series (Sony M4000)

Sony KDL-19M4000

The new Sony Bravia M-Series brings HDTV to the budget market offering the Sony M4000 HDTVs in 19, 26, 32 and 37-inch sizes. The 26-inch KDL-26M4000, 32-inch KDL-32M4000 and the 37-inch KDL-37M4000 models feature a 720p HD resolution, while the 19-inch KDL-19M4000 has a 1440 x 900 pixel resolution. They feature 2x HDMI inputs, component and PC input.

All of the new Sony Bravia HDTVs for 2008 will ship this spring!

Since writing this post in January, a further number of HDTVs have been announced by Sony:

Firstly there are the Sony B4000 and Sony M1 series, which both seem to be very similar to the already mentioned M4000′s. Then there are the Sony V1 Series, Sony J1 Series, and the Sony Bravia F/F1 Series. Finally there is the recently announced Sony Bravia W4000 range, which seem to be bound for Europe.

The official 2008 Sony Bravia release schedule has now been added to the site.

2009 Update: The 2009 Sony HDTV Lineup has now been added to the site.