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Sony 3D OLED HDTVSony has already announced three new HDTV lines that they will release later this summer, so 3D is well and truly on it’s way.

But even more interesting is their new Sony OLED 3D HDTV. While it is still a lot smaller than most HDTVs at 24.5-inches, it is still a fairly large jump from the previous 15-inch models. Read more

Sony XBR-HX900 Series | 3D Ready HDTV

Sony HX900The Sony Bravia XBR-HX900 series is 3D ready with a full HD LCD panel with dynamic LED lighting.

The highend Sony HX900 series are the latest range for 2010 and will be available in the summer. It will be available in two sizes as the 46-inch Sony XBR-46HX900 and the 52-inch Sony XBR-52HX900. Read more

Sony XBR-LX900 Series | Sony 3D HDTV

Sony Bravia XBR-LX900The Sony Bravia XBR-LX900 series is the latest range added to Sony’s highend XBR lineup. The Sony LX900 series is their new flagship range packed with all the latest features including 3D functionality.

Available in four sizes as the 40-inch Sony XBR-40LX900, 46-inch XBR-46LX900, 52-inch XBR-52LX900, and the 60-inch XBR-60LX900. Read more

Sony KDL-40Z5800 Reviewed

Sony KDL-40Z5800The Sony KDL-40Z5800 is one of the very latest Sony models to be announced from late ’09. It is the 40-inch model from the Sony Bravia Z5800 series of Full HD 1080p LCD HDTVs, which are also the first on the market to features a tripple tuner and Motionflow 200Hz technology.

The triple tuner is essentially three tuners (DVB-S2, DVB-T and DVB-C), including a Freesat HD tuner, allowing you to watch Freesat HD broadcasts without the need of a separate decoder box. Read more

Sony Says 3DTV shipments set to reach 46 million by 2013, 3D Blu-Ray

Sony 3D VisionSony has launched a new monthly e-newsletter called “3D Vision”, which will cover the latest news in the 3D market with interviews and articles.

Over the past year it has been clear that 3D is very much on it’s way back, with all the major manufacturers getting in on the game. Read more

Sony XBR11, XBR12, OLED Leaked

Sony XBR11There has been very little information around about Sony’s latest HDTVs, especially regarding their highend models.

But some very interesting information has now leaked about Sony’s upcoming / prototype HDTVs, including new models in Sony’s flagship XBR range, the Sony XBR11 and XBR12!

A total of nine new series have been leaked with numerous details. Read more

Sony KDL-46W5100 Reviewed

sony kdl-46w5100The Sony KDL-46W5100 HDTV is the 46-inch model from the Sony Bravia W5100 series of LCD HDTV.

The 46-inch model is the mid size model from the range. The Sony W5100 series is the latest edition of the W range for 2009. For me I feel that the W series is very well placed in Sony’s line up, it sits above the entry level models, and just below the highest end models. Read more

Sony XBR10 | KDL-52XBR10, KDL-46XBR10

Sony Bravia XBR10Sony have just a announced their new flagship HDTV range, the Sony XBR10.

The XBR range has always been Sony’s flagship / highest end range, and with the new Sony Bravia XBR10 series, it adds two new models to the market. Read more

Sony ZX5 | KDL-52ZX5 & KDL-46ZX5

While Sony has been very busy showing off their latest HDTVs from the European market at IFA, they have also managed to announce the new highend Sony Bravia ZX5 series in Japan.

The Sony ZX5 series is packed with the very latest technology, such as wireless 1080p connection, super slim design and 240Hz MotionFlow technology. Read more

Sony W5810 | KDL-40W5810, KDL-46W5810, KDL-52W5810

Sony Bravia W5810The new Sony Bravia W5810 seems to be the UK only version of the Sony W5800 series, as it contains the new freesat DVB-S2 tuner, eliminating the need for a set-top box.

The Sony W5810 series is the first series (along with the Sony Z5800 series) to feature a the integrated freesat DVB-S2 tuner, giving you access to over 140 free TV and radio channels, with over 70 hours a week of free HD TV viewing. Read more

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