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Sharp SB Series | LC-42SB45U, LC-46SB54U, LC-52SB55U

Sharp LC-42SB45UTargeting the sometimes forgotten end of the HDTV market, Sharp have announced the “affordable quality” entry-level Sharp SB Series. Sharp is aiming to bring large screen HD experience available to more consumers with the new SB series. These affordable full HD 1080p LCD HDTV have the highest HD format available and come in three large sizes. First up is the 42-inch Sharp LC-42SB45U, followed by the 46-inch LC-46SB45U, and finally the huge 52-inch LC-52SB55U.

As stated earlier, all have a full HD (1920×1080 pixels) LCD screen, and a piano black frame which looks as good as any high end model. These reasonably priced models from the SB series incorporate Sharp’s high picture quality and renowned features. All SB models feature Sharp’s Spectral Contrast Engine, which helps to archive deep blacks and crisp images. The 1080p LCD screens have a 6ms response time for reduced motion blur during high motion scenes, and high viewing angles, so the set can be easily watched around the room.

Sharp LC-42SB45U

The largest of the Sharp SB Series, the Sharp LC-52SB55U has 4x HDMI inputs, while the LC-46SB54U has two, and the LC-42SB45U has three. Other inputs include 2x component, and a dedicated PC VGA input. Finally, all include built in ATSC/QAM/NTSC tuners for over the air viewing.

  • LC-52SB55U | $2,299
  • LC-46SB54U | $1,699, September 08
  • LC-42SB45U | $1,399