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Sharp Open World’s Most Advanced LCD Plant

Sharp have just opened the world’s most advanced LCD plant in the world today.

Sharp’s new LCD plant in Sakai City, Japan is the first and only factory to use 10th generation glass substrates. This 10th generation plant means than Sharp can now more efficiently produce large LCD HDTVs, which results in larger HDTV at more lower prices for customers like you and I.

The 10th generation glass substrate measures 2,880 x 3,130 mm, which can product six 60-inch panels or fifteen 40-inch panels.

Sharp say that larger HDTVs from 40-inches up to 60-inches are becoming more popular and this new plant will mean than producing them is easier and cheaper, leading to better prices.

The Sharp Sakai City plant can produce 72,000 substrates per month.

Larger and cheaper LCD HDTVs sound great to me. I hope customers start to see the benefit of the Sakai City plant soon!

“Sharp Green Front Sakai”*1 Manufacturing Complex Brings the World. Cutting-Edge Large LCD Panels.

On October 1, 2009, Sharp Corporation started operations at its new LCD panel plant (SDP) in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan. Construction began in November 2007 on Sharp’s state-of-the-art manufacturing complex—Sharp Green Front Sakai—which includes this LCD panel plant as well as another plant for thin-film solar cells.

The LCD panel plant is the first facility in the world to adopt 10th-generation glass

substrates. Using Sharp’s proprietary UV2A photo-alignment technology, the plant is capable of producing high-contrast, energy-efficient panels of 40 inches and larger, marking a new era in large displays.

Sharp Green Front Sakai will bring the world two environmentally friendly products: energy-saving LCD panels and energy-creating solar panels. Sharp aims to make this complex an environmentally advanced production base through such environmental measures as adopting LEDs for all indoor and outdoor lighting (approximately 100,000 LED lights) throughout the complex. In addition, Sharp will install solar panels on all factory roofs to provide some of the needed electricity.

Sharp Green Front Sakai is the new driving force behind Sharp’s efforts to make environmentally friendly products at an environmentally conscious plant, thus helping to realize a greener society.