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Sharp AQUOS R / AQUOS G / AQUOS D Series

Sharp has just announced a massive 22 new LCD HDTVs for this summer in time for the Olympics. The 22 new HDTVs will be available from three new series, the Sharp AQUOS R, AQUOS G and AQUOS D. Covering a wide range of sizes and colors, with great specifications. Read more

Sharp AQUOS D44E | LC-26D44, LC-32D44, LC-37D44

Sharp has announced the new Sharp Aquos D44E series, which consist of three LCD HDTVs from 26-37 inches. The new Sharp D44E series have been designed and aimed at users who want to make the jump to the LCD HDTV market but at a more comfortable price. Read more

Sharp LC32AD5E Reviewed

Sharp LC32AD5EThe first thing that you notice when looking at the Sharp LC32AD5E is it’s price, at just £400, this seems remarkably cheap for a 32-inch LCD HDTV, and secondly, it doesn’t in the slightest look like a cheap / budget set. In fact the LC32AD5E looks right up there with sets that can cost you more than 2-3x as much. Read more

Sharp Aquos D Series | LC-20D30, LC-26D30, LC-32D30

Sharp Aquos D SeriesSharp have just announced two new Aquos Series in the form of Aquos X & E, now they have announced a huge 13 models in their new Aquos D Series. Five differently sized screens are avaliable in up to five different colors, giving users the choice of color to best match the room styling. Read more

Sharp Aquos X Series | LC-46XJ1-B, LC-42XJ1-B, LC-37XJ1-B

Sharp Aquos XThe theme of this years HDTVs seem to be “thin”, who can make the worlds thinest HDTV. Well Sharp believe they are the current winner with their new Sharp Aquos X Series of LCD HDTVs. They will be available in Japan in early March, and we hope they will make they way over shores a few months after that. Read more

Sharp LC-32D44U, LC-37D44U (Aquos D44U)

Sharp LC-32D44UTo finish off the Sharp HDTV announcements, I present you with the Sharp LC-32D44U and LC-37D44U. These 32, and 37-inch inch LCD HDTVs have been added the the already existing Sharp D44U series. These two sets offer a 720p HD Advanced Super View LCD panel offering a 1366 x 768 pixel resolution. The newly designed Sharp Aquos D44U series feature subtle silver accent on the front of the screen with a high gloss piano black finish which looks great. Read more

Sharp LC-37D64U, LC-32D64U

Sharp lc-42d64uSharp have extended their already existing Sharp Aquos D64U series by adding two new models. The Sharp D64U series contained a 42-inch to 65-inch models, and now they have added two smaller models with the addition of the 32-inch Sharp LC-32D64U, and 37-inch the Sharp LC-37D64U. I guess they figured they wanted more competition in the smaller sized end of the market. Read more

Sharp LC-52D74U

Sharp LC-52D74UThe Sharp LC-52D74U is a 52-inch full HD 1080p LCD HDTV from Sharps Aquos range. The set features a high 18,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio which provides deep blacks and great colors along with a fast 4ms response time for sharp, motion blur free images, and a high viewing angle of 176 degrees. Read more

Sharp SE94 Series | LC-46SE94U, LC-52SE94U, LC-65SE94U

Sharp SE94Sharp have announced their top of the line “Special Edition” Aquos range, called the Sharp SE94 Series. These models will be of a limited distribution and offer ultra-high performance along with advanced connectivity and a great design style. The Aquos SE94 series consists of three different sizes, all quite large. Read more

Sharp LC-32GP3U

Sharp have just announced their second generation of Full HD Aquos LCD HDTVs aimed at gamers. The Sharp Aquos GP3U series replaces their popular GP1U series, and kicks off with the release of the 1080p Sharp LC-32GP3U. Read more

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