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Sharp LC-60E77UN, LC-65E77UM

Sharp LC-60E77UNSharp have just debuted two new competitively priced, large Aquos LCD HDTVs to the market. The 60-inch Sharp LC-60E77UN, and 65-inch Sharp LC-65E77UM join the acclaimed Sharp E77 series as the largest two models.

Sharp hope to make the two large screen HDTVs which have advanced performance more attainable for more consumers. Both HDTVs have a Full HD / 1080p LCD panel, with the Sharp LC-60E77UN being the first 60-inch HDTV on the market, filling the need for this sized model.

Sharp LC-60E77UN

They use Sharp’s Advanced Super View (ASV) Superlucent Panel, which brings bright and crisp images, with reduced haze and reflectivity. They also feature Sharp’s Fine Motion Enhanced technology, winch displays frames at a hight 120Hz rate, along with a fast 4ms reps once time, keeping the images sharp and blur free during high motion scenes.

Both feature advanced power saving features, and exceed the Energy Star requirements.

The LC-60E77UN is currently available on Amazon for $2,026 ($973 off!), and the LC-65E77UM for $2,939 (over $1000 off!)

Pricing and availability

  • Sharp LC-65E77UM | September, MSRP $4,499
  • Sharp LC-60E77UN | September, MSRP $3,499
  • LC-52E77UN
  • LC-46E77UN
  • LC-40E77UN