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Sharp LC52D85U Reviewed

sharp lc-52d85uThe Sharp LC52D85U is a very well priced, full HD, large 52-inch LCD HDTV. Featuring a 10-bit ASV LCD panel with a full HD / 1080p resolution and 120Hz Fine Motion Enhanced technology for impressive fast motion handling and motion blur reduction.

Available for less than $2,000 from some online stores the Sharp LC-52D85U offers some impressive specifications for it’s asking price. The LC52D85U does the most important element of an HDTV very well, image quality. The image quality offered by the 52-inch Sharp LC-52D85U is some of the best we have seen, especially when taking in account of it’s great price tag.

The set might be slightly lacking on some of the other features, such as an SD card reader or Ethernet port found on some of the very highend models, but most people would hardly use these features, and would rather save the money.

sharp lc52d85u

Connectivity is very good on the LC52D85U, with a total of seven 1080p HD inputs, including a very healthy offering of 5x HDMI 1.3 inputs, allowing plenty of connection options for a growing HD device collection. ReviewQuest gave the Sharp LC52D85U a 4 out of 5 rating, and said, the LC-52D85U does well on the most important criterion, image quality. At over $2250, the Sharp LC-52D85U provides the best picture for its price among the 50- and 52-inch sets.