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Sharp LC-46DH77E Reviewed

The Sharp LC-46DH77E is the 46-inch model from one of Sharp’s latest the Sharp Aquos DH77 series. The DH77 series is an “Eco” range from Sharp, with the sets using less power than most HDTVs, helping to save you money, and the environment.

The Sharp Aquos LC-46DH77E is not just about being “eco friendly”, the 46-inch LCD HDTV also boasts some impressive specifications such as a full HD 1080p resolution, a very high 50,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio (2,000:1 fixed contrast ratio), 10-bit signal processing and 4ms response time.

The 10-bit signal processing leads to much smoother colour gradients, which the 100Hz fast refresh rate helps to eliminate image judder and motion blur.

Sharp LC-46DH77E

A special Eco button on the Sharp LC-46DH77E’s remote control cuts energy usage by 20-30% by using a light sensor, and automatically reducing the backlight brightness to an optimum level for viewing. TrustedReviews gave the LC-46DH77E a seven out of ten rating and said, the amount of detailing and texturing revealed from the Blu-ray for instance, helps produce a visual intensity and sense of solidity that I’ve only rarely witnessed before. The LC-46DH77E’s winning HD performance is bolstered further by a strikingly authentic colour palette, replete with blend subtleties and general tonal consistency. What’s more, the high detail levels are achieved without leaving the picture looking unnecessarily gritty.