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Sharp LC37RD2E Reviewed

LC37RD2EOnly a few weeks ago we recently wrote about the 37-inch Sharp LC37RD2E and were very impressed by the specifications which Sharp provided us with. Especially with it’s new 100Hz TruD mode which should cut down on the jagged sideways moving images we sometimes see, and also help to keep the image sharp and clear, with very little motion blur during fast moving scenes. Ultimately specifications of the Sharp LC37RD2E mean much less than hands on testing, but we are in luck, Cnet UK have reviewed the Sharp LC37RD2E from Sharp’s Aquos line and say, the Sharp picture mode(100Hz TrueD) is one of the best we’ve seen — it’s really very obvious when you switch this setting on that the processing is working.
The picture quality overall was excellent. Watching hi-def we found the images to be jam-packed full of glorious detail. Once we turned down the backlight, the blacks were dark and there was loads of contrast, even in dark scenes.

Overall the picture and sound quality make this television a good, sturdy performer, and Sharp has managed to create an amazing TV set. Often hear people complain about how much HD DVD and Blu-ray can stuffer and move in a jerky fashion — this mode manages to eliminate pretty much all of this.