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Sharp LC32RD2E Reviewed

Sharp LC32RD2EThe Sharp LC32RD2E is a 32-inch LCD HDTV with 100Hz technology. 32-inches and 37-inch HDTVs are currently the most popular size on the market, so the LC32RD2E has to be great to compete in this highly competitive size market. The Sharp LC32RD2E has a 1366×768 resolution for 720p and 1080i HD formats, but not 1080p or “Full HD”, but do not let this disappoint you. Many tests on both all HD formats have shown that is is very hard, if not impossible to see any advantage or improvement in 1080p for HDTVs 32-inches or smaller. The LC-32RD2E is a very modern HDTV offering a very high dynamic contrast ratio of 10,000:1 for great colors, and the latest 100Hz (high refresh rate) technology for sharp, crisp images even during fast motion scenes with no motion blur.

Sharp LC32RD2E

The 32-inch LC32RD2E looks great with it’s black gloss finish with great angles and curves, extending down to it’s base.As well as great features and looks the Sharp LC32RD2E’s connections are also great, offering 2x HDMI, 2x Scart (RGB), VGA PC input, Component via VGA adaptor, s-video, and an internal digital tv tuner. TrustedReviews have reviewed the LC32RD2E and say, the 100Hz technology works very well, Bond strolls around the casino in the Blu-ray of Casino Royale, he suffers practically no loss of resolution whatsoever. Every last one of Daniel Craig’s craggy features remains perfectly clear and sharp. Seriously: moving objects look sharper than we’ve ever seen them on an LCD TV before.

The Sharp 32RD2E’s black levels are really very good by LCD standards, with relatively little sign of LCD’s common ‘graying over’ issue. The 32RD2E colors are likeable too. They’re every bit as bright and rich as we’ve come to expect from LCD screens, but crucially also hold onto enjoyably natural tones.