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Sharp LC-20EX3

LC-20EX3Normally HDTV manufactures are pushing for the biggest HDTV they can sell to fit in your lounge, but Sharp are changing their plans with the Sharp Aquos LC-20EX3, aiming the LC20EX3 as a secondary HDTV for households. So if you want great HD quality in a smaller size, the Sharp LC-20EX3 20-inch LCD HDTV could be perfect. It offers 2 HDMI inputs, a 1,200:1 contrast ratio at a brightness of 450/m2 with a nice low power consumption of just 65W (less than an average light bulb). The LC-20EX3 also offers VGA PC input for use as a media center or for general PC usage, and looks great with a very thin and space saving design. This very tempting HDTV starts shipping on August 21st in Japan, we hope to see this little beauty over seas soon.