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Sharp LC-52D62U

Sharp LC-52D62UThe Sharp LC-52D62U is a very popular 52-inch LCD HDTV with a “Full HD” 1080p resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, and costs a whole lot less than many others in a similar size. The size, price, and features makes the LC-52D62U a winner with users, making it the most popular 52-inch set and the receiver of many happy users. The Sharp LC-52D62U is manufactured in Sharps brand new 8th generation factory with the very latest technology, combining a full 1080p image resolution with impressive contrast, black levels and fast response times.
The Sharp LC-52D62U features a built in HDTV tuner, so no external box will be needed, and impressive connectivity with two HDMI inputs, 2x component and three a/v inputs including S-video. Unfortunately there is no PC input for use as a monitor or with a media center, but a DVI-HDMI adapter can be used.