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Sharp LC-46XD1E Reviewed

sharp-lc-46xd1e.jpgSharp have pulled out the big guns with the Sharp LC-46XD1E from their Aquos line. The Aquos LC-46XD1E features the highest and latest HD format, 1080p which gives the large 46-inch LCD screen a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. This “full HD” format is only really any use on screens that are over 32-inches, and as the LC46XD1E is a whooping 46-inches this resolution should help achieve even higher more crisp images.
The Sharp Aquos LC-46XD1E has a 2000:1 contrast ratio, 450 cd/m2 brightness, a fast 4ms response time an internal digital tv tuner, 2x HDMI inputs, component (via VGA), 2x scart, 2x s-video and VGA PC input. The black gloss frame finish with silver looks the part and also has some great image enhancing features such as truD processing for richer colors and reduced noise. Tech.co.uk have reviewed the Sharp LC-46XD1E and say, the lack of noise in hi-def pictures when using the Underscan mode is also more noticeable on this bigger screen, and the almost infinite subtlety of colour blends created by full HD’s extra pixel density.
One of LCD technology’s key advantages is its brightness, especially when it comes to rendering colours, and the 46XD1E lives up to this reputation in fine style.

And let’s not forget, either, that its price tag of just $4,000 is unusually affordable for a 46-inch LCD TV, making an occasional performance quibble easier to swallow.