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Sharp LC-42XL2E Reviewed

Sharp LC-42XL2EFrom Sharp’s XL2E Series of three LCD HDTVs, we have the 42-inch Sharp LC-42XL2E 1080p model. The LC-42XL2E has a very impressive and sleek design with a slim black gloss frame surrounding the screen, finished off with a stylish silver line at the bottom of the frame, above an interesting but attractive backwards angled bottom edge

Specification wise, the Sharp LC42XL2E is very impressive with a full HD 1080p LCD screen, with 24p support and 100Hz high frame rate for reducing motion blur and judder. A high dynamic contrast ratio of 10,000:1 provides excellent colours. PC VGA input is available, along with 3x HDMI 1.3 inputs, 2x scart, component, s-video and the usual audio and others.

Sharp LC-42XL2E

A number of advanced film modes, and dedicated gaming mode which reduces lag enable the Sharp LC-42XL2E to provide the best images viewing quality for every situation. Trustedreviews checked out the Sharp LC-42XL2E and say, the LC-42XL2E enjoys vibrant colour tones, as well as looking decently natural. Good sharpness remains even when there’s quite a lot of motion going on in the picture, this supreme motion clarity must be down at least in part to Sharp’s new 100Hz engine. The Sharp LC-42XL2E is worth checking out, as it’s one of the best HDTVs around.