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Sharp HD1E Series | LC-46HD1E, LC-52HD1E

Sharp LC-52HD1E (HD1E-Series)Sharp has two new full hd (1080p) LCD HDTVs from their new HD1E series, the 46-inch Sharp LC-46HD1E, and the larger 52-inch Sharp LC-52HD1E. Both sets have a full 1920×1080 pixel resolution and a dynamic contrast ratio of 50% higher than their previous XL1E models, but the exact measurements have not been disclosed, but we expect it to be above 2500:1.
Both sets have an integrated 160 GB hard drive which can be used as a DVR to record and play back shows, while they have a huge four built-in tuners which can be operated simultaneously.

The Sharp HD1E series is being advertised as a 100/120Hz sets, where interpolated images are added to the input signal t make films (24fps) more fluid. This feature has the ability to be turned off, if not to the viewers pleasing.

A pixel to pixel transmission mode is possible at 50/60Hz via HDMI, but the components do not support 1080p/24p, but juder free images should be achieved through the use of 100/120Hz technology.

Expect to see both sets available in August 2007.

Sharp HD1E Series

  • LC-52HD1E (LC52HD1E) €5,499
  • LC-46HD1E (LC46HD1E) €4,499