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Sharp Aquos BD Series | LC-52BD80U, LC-46BD80U, LC-42BD80U

Sharp BD SeriesThe Sharp Aquos BD Series, as you might have guessed from the “BD” in the series name is the world’s first Aquos HDTV series with built in blu-ray disc player.

Providing a convenient all-in-one HD home theater solution. Making use of a side-loading slot feed for blu-ray, DVD and CD content. As soon as a disc is inserted, the HDTV will turn on, and start playing back the content. This reduces the number of devices you need, along with cables, and makes things a little simpler.

The Sharp BD series is available in five sizes from 32-inches to 52-inches, all feature a new Full HD 1080p Advanced Super View (ASV) Superlucent LCD panel for bright and crisp pictures with reduced reflection, and a new Aquos Pure Mode.

Sharp BD Series

The 52-inch Sharp LC-52BD80U, 46-inch Sharp LC-46BD80U, and the 42-inch Sharp LC-42BD80U all feature four HDMI 1.3 inputs, while the smaller 37-inch Sharp LC-37BD60U, and 32-inch Sharp LC-32BD60U have three HDMI 1.3 inputs. All HDMI inputs support 24p, for connecting of an external blu-ray player, if desired. Two 1080p component inputs, along with a PC VGA input and ATSC and QAM tuners are featured.

The Sharp LC-52BD80U, LC-46BD80U and LC-42BD80U models features Fine Motion Enhanced technology for 120Hz high frame rates, along with a 10-bit panel for improved deep color and fast pixel response times. The Spectral Contrast Engine provides high contrast ratios and deep blacks. All the Sharp BD series models will be out in the next two months.

Sharp BD Series

  • Sharp LC52BD80U | February, 52-Inch
  • Sharp LC46BD80UFebruary, 46-Inch
  • Sharp LC42BD80U | January, 42-Inch
  • Sharp LC37BD60U | January, 37-Inch
  • Sharp LC32BD60U | January, 32-Inch