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Sharp Aquos X Series | LC-46XJ1-B, LC-42XJ1-B, LC-37XJ1-B

Sharp Aquos XThe theme of this years HDTVs seem to be “thin”, who can make the worlds thinest HDTV. Well Sharp believe they are the current winner with their new Sharp Aquos X Series of LCD HDTVs. They will be available in Japan in early March, and we hope they will make they way over shores a few months after that.

The new Aquos X Series is ultra thin at just 34mm or 1.35-inches, which seem to the the thinest so far, and would look great both wall mounted or via the stand. The Sharp X Series is available in three sizes, the 37-inch LC-37XJ1-B, 42-inch LC-42XJ1-B, and the largest 46-inch LC-46XJ1-B. Not too sure what the “-B” at the end of the model name represents, maybe the black color frame?

Sharp Aquos X

All of the X Series HDTVs offer a full 1080p LCD screen, a very high dynamic contrast ratio of 15,000:1 with a brightness of 450cd/m2. Also features is a 12bit BDE color value rendering for very smooth image shades and quality. Also there is a 3-way 8-speaker audio system. Connectivity is good, with 3x HDMI 1.3 inputs, DVI (for PC), Ethernet, and also Firewire.No info on price, but we do know these will hit Japan in March 08.

Sharp Aquos X Series:
LC-46XJ1-B (LC-46XJ1)
LC-42XJ1-B (LC-42XJ1)
LC-37XJ1-B (LC-37XJ1)