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Sharp LV-52TH1, LV-65TH1 – Aquos T Series

AQUOS T-seriesSharp have announced their Aquos T Series of LCD HDTVs, which are the worlds first THX certified HDTVs. The Sharp Aquos T Series are available in 65-inch as the Sharp LV-65TH1 and 52-inch as the Sharp LV-52TH1.
The THX certification of the Sharp T Series, aka the THX Logo of approval, is meant to ensure the very best match of contrast and brightness with home theater level of video reproduction processing. Both the LV-52TH1 and the LV-65TH1 feature a 1,920 x 1,080 pixel (1080p / Full HD) 120Hz ASV high speed LCD panel for optimal HD quality and very low motion blur. Connection wise the Sharp T Series has 3x 1080p HDMI inputs, 3x D5, 1x DVI, Ethernet and Firewire.

There will be available in Japan in September for about $11,600 for the Sharp LV-65TH1 and $6,900 for the Sharp LV-52TH1. We look forward to seeing these across the ocean.