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Sharp AQUOS HD Recorders

aquos-dv-acw80Sharp has been very busy this week, after just releasing 16 brand new Aquos G HDTVs, they have also announced five new Sharp AQUOS HD recorders (on to the Japanese market).

The five HD recorders range from 250Gb of storage up to a massive 1TB (1000gb). The top of the range DV-ACW80 starts up in just a mere 0.8 seconds and features 1TB storage and 2x digital and 1x analog tuners, and many features including infrared image transfer and USB hosting.

All of the Aquos HD recorders feature HDMI output, and as they have multiple tuners, allow you to record more than one channel at a time, and also allow play back while recording.

  • DV-ACW80 (1000GB)
  • DV-ACW75 (500GB)
  • DV-ACW72 (250GB)
  • DV-AC75 (500GB)
  • DV-AC72 (250GB)