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Sharp AQUOS GSharp have just announced a whole lot of new LCD HDTVs, 16 in fact. The Sharp Aquos G series comes in sixteen different models in six different sizes offering both bottom and side mounted speakers. From the smallest 26-inches to 52-inches, and also 32, 37, 42 and 46 inch sizes offering a wealth of selection choices.
If you are looking for a set 37-inches or above the Aquos G LCD set will include the latest 120Hz ASV panel for ultra high refresh rates to cut down on motion blur and juddering of high motion scenes, full 1080p HD, at a 2,000:1 contrast ratio and 450cd/m2 brightness. They feature three 1080p HDMI inputs, 1x DVI and the usual, but it seems no component input.

Sharp has also managed to cut down on the thickness of the G series, with even the largest 52-inch models at only 11-cm thick, or thin. All models go on sale in Japan from August 21st, for $1450 to $4,480, hopefully we we soon got some u.s / worldwide dates soon.

The under speaker Sharp Aquos G models are as follows:

  • LC-52GX3W (52-inch)
  • LC-52GX35 (52-inch)
  • LC-46GX3W (46-inch)
  • LC-46GX35 (46-inch)
  • LC-42GX3W (42-inch)
  • LC-37GX3W (37-inch)
  • LC-32GH3 (32-inch)
  • LC-26GH3 (26-inch)

The side-mounted speaker Sharp Aquos G models are as follows:

  • LC-52GX4W (52-inch)
  • LC-52GX45 (52-inch)
  • LC-46GX4W (46-inch)
  • LC-46GX45 (46-inch)
  • LC-42GX4W (42-inch)
  • LC-37GX4W (37-inch)
  • LC-32GH4 (32-inch)
  • LC-26GH4 (26-inch)