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Sharp LC-60E88UN Announced

Sharp have just announced a new 60-inch LCD HDTV with a 240Hz refresh rate panel to their lineup.

The Sharp LC-60E88UN has been described as the ultimate medium for sports and movie buffs. Offering an affordable large-screen option to consumers looking for a large HDTV with 240Hz technology without paying through the roof. Read more

Sharp LC-40LE600E Reviewed

sharp lc40le600eThe Sharp LC-40LE600E is a new model which has recently arrived in the UK. It’s the 40-inch middle sized model of three from the Sharp Aquos LE600E series.

The 40-inch Sharp LC-40LE600E stands out from the vast array of LCD HDTVs currently on the market because of it’s true LED back lights and price. The LC-40LE600E uses direct LED backlighting, using an array of LEDs rather than LED side lighting, which can provides even better image contrasts. Read more

Sharp Open World’s Most Advanced LCD Plant

Sharp have just opened the world’s most advanced LCD plant in the world today.

Sharp’s new LCD plant in Sakai City, Japan is the first and only factory to use 10th generation glass substrates. This 10th generation plant means than Sharp can now more efficiently produce large LCD HDTVs, which results in larger HDTV at more lower prices for customers like you and I. Read more

Sharp LE700 & LE600 Series

Sharp LC32LE600ESharp have just announced the availability of their new LE700 and LE600 series in Europe.

We have previously written about the LE700UN series which is available in the U.S, the European equivalent is known as the Sharp LE700E series. Read more

Sharp LC-60E77UN, LC-65E77UM

Sharp LC-60E77UNSharp have just debuted two new competitively priced, large Aquos LCD HDTVs to the market. The 60-inch Sharp LC-60E77UN, and 65-inch Sharp LC-65E77UM join the acclaimed Sharp E77 series as the largest two models.

Sharp hope to make the two large screen HDTVs which have advanced performance more attainable for more consumers. Read more

Sharp LC-40LE700UN, LC-46LE700UN, LC-52LE700UN | Aquos LED LE700

sharp lc-52le700unSharp have announced their very first LED backlit LCD HDTVs with the new Sharp Aquos LED series.

Whereas most HDTV manufactures have been producing and selling LED backlit HDTVs for many months now, Sharp have been a little slower getting into the LED game. Read more

Sharp LC-46DH77E Reviewed

The Sharp LC-46DH77E is the 46-inch model from one of Sharp’s latest the Sharp Aquos DH77 series. The DH77 series is an “Eco” range from Sharp, with the sets using less power than most HDTVs, helping to save you money, and the environment. Read more

Sharp DH77 | LC46DH77E, LC42DH77E, LC32DH77E

sharp dh77 seriesSharp have joined the list of other HDTV manufacturers getting in on the “Eco” game. Sony have their Eco Bravia, and now Sharp have their Eco DH77 series.

The Sharp Aquos DH77 series is being marketed as an Eco HDTV, helping to use less power, and also save you more money on the running costs. Read more

Sharp AQUOS A | LC-52AE6, LC-46AE6, LC-40AE6

sharp lc-40ae6Adding to the already new Aquos series that were released a few months back at CESĀ  (BD and E series), Sharp have now announced the “Aquos A” series.

The Sharp Aquos A series will as usual, first be released in Japan, and then wing it’s way over the the rest of us. Read more

Sharp LC52D85U Reviewed

sharp lc-52d85uThe Sharp LC52D85U is a very well priced, full HD, large 52-inch LCD HDTV. Featuring a 10-bit ASV LCD panel with a full HD / 1080p resolution and 120Hz Fine Motion Enhanced technology for impressive fast motion handling and motion blur reduction. Read more

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