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Samsung XL2370

Samsung XL2370Samsung have just announced the XL2370 monitor, which they are calling the “highest performance monitor”.

The Samsung XL2370 is a 23-inch LCD 1080p / Full HD monitor, with a “finger-slim” stylish Touch of Color design.

As well as being very slim and attractively designed, the “highest performance” claim tells us the Samsung XL2370 must have some impressive specifications. It features an LED backlight and boasts a very high 5,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, providing great colours and deep blacks.

It’s 1920×1080 pixel resolution makes it perfect for watching 1080p HD content such as Blu-ray movies. Other features include a fast 2ms video response time, which keeps the images sharp during high motion scenes, while the LED backlight reduces power consumption.

Samsung XL2370

The crystal-like bezel frame looks great, and helps to reduce glare, while the clear neck of the monitor gives the illusion that the monitor is floating.

The Samsung XL2370 will be available in Korea in Mid July, and available the Europe and other parts of the world in August, pricing it yet unknown.