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Samsung UN46B8000, UN55B8000

Samsung 8000 SeriesThe top of the range LCD HDTV from Samsung for 2009 is the Samsung 8000 LED series. Like most high-end HDTVs, they only cover the larger screen size of the market with 46-inch and 55-inch models only.

The Samsung 8000 series are a step up from the 7000 series, offering a number of improvements and features. The 46-inch Samsung UN46B8000, and 55-inch Samsung UN55B8000 are two of the thinest HDTVs we have ever seen, measuring less than 3cm deep. And unlike some other “ultra thin” HDTVs, the 8000′s don’t require a separate media unit to hold some of the components.

The Samsung 8000′s have an edge-lit LED lighting system which enables the very thin design, and provides for lower energy consumption and higher contrast ratios. The top of the range series doubles the refresh rate once again to 240Hz. The 240Hz Motion plus technology eliminates image judder and motion blur, keeping the image sharp and clear all the time.

Samsung UN46B8000

The 1080p / Full HD Ultra Clear Panel (LCD) also boasts a very fast 2ms repsonse time, twice as fast as the next model down. This helps to keep the images even sharper during high motion.

The Samsung UN55B8000 and UN46B8000 also have very advanced media features such as wireless or wirded Ethernet providing Internet@TV technology, for internet media streaming and access. There is also DLNA media support, USB 2.0 Movie playbacks (including DivX support) and a content libary.