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Samsung UN46B6000 Reviewed

samsung UN46B6000Samsung have invested heavily in their LED backlit LCD HDTVs for 2009, which most of their models featuring the new technology.

The first of these new Samsung LED models is the Samsung 6000 series, which consists of four models from 32-inch to the largest 55-inches. The second largest model is the 46-inch Samsung UN46B6000, which we will be talking about in this post.

The Samsung UN46B6000 uses edge-lit LED lighting technology, this enables the HDTV to be incredibly thin at just 1.2-inch deep, and also use less power, making it very eco-friendly using 40% less energy than the 2008 models.

Samsung UN46B6000

Making use of a Full HD / 1080p LCD panel the Samsung UN46B6000 has the highest HD format, along with 24p support and a fast 4 ms response time. CNet gave the UN46B6000 four out of 5 stars and said, although the Samsung UN46B6000 delivers fine picture quality, except for a few flaws, the ultrathin UN46B6000 will appeal mainly to style seekers who don’t mind spending more money.