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Samsung UE46B8000 Reviewed

samsung ue46b8000The new range of HDTVs that Samsung released this year for 2009 are their most impressive yet. Samsung created a new category for their impressive new LCD HDTVs, which they called “Samsung LED“.

The Samsung LED TV range comprises of three ranges, with the Samsung B8000 series sitting right at the top of the range. In this 8000 series, there is the 46-inch Samsung UE46B8000, which we will be looking at here, and the 55-inch Samsung UE55B8000.

There is no doubt that the Samsung UE46B8000 is a highend HDTV; it looks absolutely stunning, and is extremely thin at less than 30mm deep. Along with a very slim and stylish bezel, and transparent shaft on the stand, the UE46B8000 can also be wall mounted with a special ultra slim mount, mounting the HDTV just 0.6-inches from the wall.

As you would expect, the Samsung UE46B8000 features a Full HD / 1080p LCD panel. It also uses the latest LED lighting technology, which uses less power, produces higher contrasts (a very high quoted ratio of 3,000,000:1), and enables the HDTV to be so slim. 200Hz fast refresh rate keeps the images sharp and free from judder and motion blur.

samsung ue46b8000

The very latest media technology is featured, including DLNA via Ethernet allowing you to stream media over the network, and advanced USB 2.0 ports which can playback media (including DivX) via a memory stick or external hard drive.

The UE46B8000 unlike some other “slim” HDTVs includes all the hardware in the TV, such as the analog and digtal tuners, rather than containing them in an external unit. TrustedReviews gave the Samsung UE46B8000 a great review, giving it 10 out of 10 for images quality, and 9 out of ten overall. They said, the Samsung UE46B8000 also does a great job with colours. The range, naturalism and subtlety of its colour palette goes some way beyond what most non-LED LCD HDTVs can produce, with perfect, stripe-free colour blends, credible and consistent skin tones, and no apparent taste for ‘pushing’ any particularly primary colour ahead of the rest. The pictures actually seem to back up Samsung’s claims that edge-based LED lighting is potentially a superior picture quality technology to direct RGB LED lighting. This is a HDTV to be reckoned with.

Note: This HDTV is known as the Samsung UN46B8000 (UN rather than UE) in the U.S.