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Samsung UE40B7020, UE46B7020, UE55B7020

samsung ue55b7020The Samsung 7020 series is Samsung’s latest offering for the very impressive LED Series 7. The 7020 models are an extension to the 7000 models, offering the same specifications but a different colour finish.

The Samsung 7000 models have a red / ruby finish, which might not be all everyone’s taste, so Samsung have created the B7020′s with a blue / transparent gray finish. For more information on the specifications, please read the Samsung 7000 series post.

Available in three sizes as the 40-inch Samsung UE40B7020, the 46-inch Samsung UE46B7020, and the biggest, 55-inch Samsung UE55B7020.

samsung ue55b7020

All the series 7 LED HDTVs have full HD / 1080p resolution and LED backlit Ultra Clear LCD panels. They are also some of the slimmest HDTVs we have seen, at less than 3cm deep, with no external component box.

100Hz Motion Plus keeps the image sharp and motion blur free, and advanced media features such as Wireless DLNA, Internet@TV deliver media streaming and Internet access.

These models are only available in Europe.  For the U.S models, you want the Samsung UN40B7100 etc models.

  • Samsung UE40B7020 | 40-Inch
  • Samsung UE46B7020 | 46-Inch
  • Samsung UE55B7020 | 55-Inch