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Samsung UE40B7000 Reviewed

samsung ue46b700The Samsung UE40B7000 is the 40-inch model from the latest Samsung series 7 / 7000 range, which is in turn part of Samsung’s very impressive LED TV range.

The UE40B7000 is also known as the Samsung UE40B7000WW, but is the exact same model. Now that we have that sorted, you will be glad to know that the 40-inch Samsung UE40B7000 is one of the best looking and best performing LCD HDTV on the market today, and not only that, it comes at a reasonable price too, making it a great buy.

The 40-inch LCD HDTV is one of the thinest on the market, at just over 1-inch thick, and it features all of the requered parts in the HDTV, rather than having then in a seperate box like some HDTVs. It achieves this impressive slimness by the use of edge lit LEDs to light up the screen, rather than a standard backlit. As well as making the Samsung UE40B7000 very slim, it also provides higher contrasts and uses less power. Tests showed that it uses between 100W and 130W, much less than a standard HDTV.

samsung ue46b700

The Samsung UE40B7000 features a Full HD / 1080p LCD panel with 100Hz Motion Plus and “Mega Contrast” ratio, providing sharp and vivid pictures with deep blacks. The UE40B7000WW also features Internet widgets for the latest information such as news, weather, stock information and more.

The USB 2.0 movie feature is very impressive, and enables playback from USB memory sticks, and USB hard drives. Not only can it playback standard files such as Mpg, avi, and DivX files, but it can also playback MKV files in full 1080p without any problems. Cnet gave the Samsung UE40B7000 a “spectacular” nine out of ten rating and said, the Samsung UE40B7000 is truly wonderful, it shows that Samsung is turning sets with LED edge lights into real competitors. The Samsung UE40B7000 is fabulous. There are a few minor bugs but nothing that would put us off owning this HDTV.