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Samsung UE40B7000, UE46B7000, UE55B7000

samsung ue46b700The Samsung 7000 series are some of the slimmest sets we have ever seen, at less than 3cms deep. Unlike some other ultra thin HDTVs, the 7000 series features an all on one design, rather than moving some of the internal components to a separate connected box.

The Samsung B7000 series is available in three sizes, as the 40-inch Samsung UE40B7000, the 46-inch Samsung UE46B7000, and the 55-inch Samsung UE55B7000.

All three models have the same specifications, with a full HD 1080p LCD resolution, mega dynamic contrast, wide colour enhancer pro, and 100Hz Motion Plus, for eliminating motion blur and image judder.

samsung ue46b700

They feature a great Crystal TV design, with a ruby finish, and some great advanced media features such as dlna Wireless, for media streaming, content library, USB 2.0 movie, and Internet@TV, for accessing media and content from the Internet. There is also a healthy selection of 4x HDMI 1.3 inputs.

  • Samsung UE40B7000 | 40-Inch
  • Samsung UE46B7000 | 46-Inch
  • Samsung UE55B7000 | 55-Inch