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Samsung TX-T3092, TX-T3093WH

Samsung TX-T3093WHSamsung still has trust in the traditional flat CTR screens with it’s SlimFit HDTV technology, and has released three CRT HDTVs at very reasonable prices. Many people still argue that CRT offers the best quality image over LCD and plasma, and Samsung has managed to achieve vibrant colors and image clarity in a small cabinet which is 1/3 thinner than most regular flat CRTs.
The 30-inch Samsung is available as the Samsung TX-T3093WH with side speaker positions, and as the Samsung TX-T3092 with bottom mounted speaker design, which both provide virtual surround sound and cost around $650.
Two HDMI inputs and two component inputs feature as the main HD inputs, and a Nano Pigment screen produces deeper colors and higher contrasts with wider color range. If $650 is too much, or you want a smaller screen, the 27-inch Samsung TX-T2793 is also available at $499.