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Samsung P2770HD

Samsung P2770HD The Samsung P2770HD is a mix between a computer monitor and an HDTV. You might remember the 23-inch Samsung P2370HD monitor, which is essentially a computer monitor with a built in HDTV tuner and HDMI input.

Now Samsung have released the larger 27-inch P2770HD, with HDTV tuner and HD connections. Many people don’t want to buy or own a separate dedicated computer monitor and HDTV, when one device can do both tasks. Samsung have realized this an have created the Samsung P2770HD.

The 23-inch model has HD and non-HD models, so it’s not known if there will be a 27-inch Samsung P2770 model, or just the P2770HD model.

As well as being a very capable and attractive computer monitor, the P2770HD functions just as well as a HDTV receiving HDTV signals and HD inputs from HD devices, such as blu-ray players or HD games consoles. This makes it an ideal monitor / HDTV for a bedroom, or office etc.

Samsung P2770HD

It features a 1920 x 1080 Full HD 1080p resolution, 50:000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and also stereo speakers which can simulate 5.1 channel sound. The Samsung SyncMaster P2770HD even supports Picture In Picture and Picture By Picture modes, allowing you to view both your computer desktop and TV source at the same time.

There are plenty of connections on the Samsung P2770HD, including many HD inputs, such as HDMI, DVI, Component, VGA, along with TV inputs, Optical Out, Audio In and Headphone out.

If you connect up to an HD device via HDMI you will get Full 1080p HD with Dolby Digital Plus, SRS TruSurround HD, and 5.1 optical SPDIF output!