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Samsung Series 7 Plasma | PN50A750, PN58A750, PN63A750

Samsung Series 7 (PN58A750T)Samsung’s new top of the range plasma, the series 7 provides the top spot for their plasma line up. Having also announced the lower ranged series 4 and 5, the Samsung series 7 plasma takes the cake. Pioneer ruled last year with their very impressive Kuro line up, and Samsung is fighting back with their new plasma.

A common problem with plasma HDTVs is glare and reflection, the new series 7′s features Ultra FilterBright anti-glare technology, which reduces glare and does not effect the image, providing colorful, rich and clear pictures in bright rooms. A new software algorithm (ACE2) helps to reduce false image contouring and enhancing moving picture quality, leading to very impressive quality, along with a high contrast ratio of 15,000:1.

The Samsung series 7, or 7 series, consist of three rather large HDTVs; the 50-inch Samsung PN50A750, 58-inch PN58A750, and the largest 63-inch PN63A750. Connectivity is very good with four HDMI 1.3 inputs, side mounted USB 2.0 port allowing music, and photo playback. Users can also access RSS feeds to view news headlines, weather, stock information and more.

All three sizes of the Samsung 7 series plasma will be avaliable in April 2008.