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Samsung 750 | LN40A750, LN46A750, LN52A750

Samsung LN40A750TSamsung have announced their 2008 HDTV lineup, and right at the very top of their LCD HDTVs are the Samsung 7 Series LCD, or 750 LCDs. The 7 Series models are very similar to the also recently announced Samsung 6 series LCDs, with a few extra enhancements and features. The top of the line Samsung 750 models come in three different screen sizes, the 40-inch LN40A750, 46-inch LN46A750, and the 52-inch LN52A750.

As I mentioned earlier the series 7 LCDs are technically very similar to the series 6 LCDs, but with the addition of a side mounted USB 2.0 port allowing users to connected up compatible devices and using the screen as a large home viewing gallery for JPEG photos and also MPEG video files. Additionally the Samsung 7 series has an inbuilt 1GB flash memory, which is loaded with premium content to enjoy, such as HD artwork, recipes, children’s entertainment and more.

The Samsung 750′s have a great design blending color with a black piano gloss finish, and offers the very best in image quality with Samsung’s Super Patterned Vertical Alignment (SPVA) LCD panel offering a high 178 degree viewing angle, and reduces glare. The LCD panel is of a full 1080p HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) for the highest HD format, and features 120Hz Auto Motion Plus to keep images smooth and judder free, along with a very fast 4ms response time for sharp images.

Samsung LN40A750

Another feature of the Samsung 7 750LCD is it’s inbuilt Ethernet connectivity which allows interactive content and information to be directly displayed on the screen, such as up-to-the-minute access to weather, news, sports and stock information. The HDTV is also designed to be the entertainment hub in your home, allowing you to connect, access and manage other media devices such as MP3 players, camcorders and computers.

All three sizes will be available in May 2008.

Samsung Series 7

  • Samsung LN40A750 - $2,599
  • Samsung LN46A750 – $3,199
  • Samsung LN52A750 - $3,499