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Samsung Series 6 650 | LN40A650, LN46A650, LN52A650

Samsung LN40A650TSamsung’s brand new highend LCD HDTVs for 2008 are the Series 7, and Series 6 models. We will be talking about the Samsung Series 6 in this post, which consist of three different sized models, all ending with A650T, so this could also be known as the Samsung 650 models. The Series 6 models are one step down from the Series 7 models, but are practically identical, and only lack a USB 2.0 port and the internal 1GB flash storage.

The Series 6 offers a full HD 1080p LCD screen for the highest HD format, and is available in three different sizes as the 40-inch Samsung LN40A650, 46-inch LN46A650 and the 52-inch LN52A650. Just like the Series 7 LCD range, these models offer an Ethernet connection which enables easy access to on demand real time information, such as weather reports, news, and stock information.

As well as having a 1080p HD screen, the models also offer 120Hz Auto Motion Plus, which provides smooth, non juddery images, a high 178 degree viewing angle, and a very fast 4ms response time for sharp images during fast motion scenes.

Inputs includes a very healthy selection of four HDMI 1.3 inputs, allowing lots of expansion room for future HDMI devices. The Series 6 LCDs should be available in March 2008.

Update: Samsung have extended their Series 6 650 range by adding some smaller sizes, the 19-inch LN19A650, 22-inch LN22A650, 32-inch LN32A650.

Samsung Series 6 LCD HDTVs

  • Samsung LN19A650 – $479
  • Samsung LN22A650 – $649
  • Samsung LN32A650 – $1,299
  • Samsung LN40A650 – $2,299
  • Samsung LN46A650 – $2,899
  • Samsung LN52A650 – $3,199