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Samsung Series 6 & 7 DLP

Samsung Series 7 DLP HDTVSony and a bunch of other TV manufacturers has pulled out of the DLP (Digital light projection) HDTV market recently, but Samsung is standing strong with the technology and have announced two new series. Their latest DLPs look great and offer great specifications and features, such as being “3D ready” and support full 1080p HD screens along with bigger screen sizes.

Samsung are offering both the Series 6 and Series 7 DLP HDTVs at great prices for such large screen sizes. The Series 6 DLP is avaliable in 50-inch to 72-inches, while the Series 7 offers 61-inch and 67-inch screen sizes.

Samsung Series 6 DLP

The Samsung Series 6 DLP HDTVs have a very slim cabinet and thin bezel, along with six hidden speakers and a full 1080p HD screen. A WiseLink USB 2.0 inputs allows functions with portables devices such as MP3 players, PMPs and thumb drives. Three HDMI 1.3 inputs, one of which is size mounted support easy access.

Available in April and June as the 50-inch HL50A650, 56-inch HL56A650, 61-inch HL61A650 or the huge 72-inch HL72A650.

Samsung Series 7 DLP

The Samsung Series 7 DLP HDTV has the same great features of the Series 6 DLP, but is powered by the new “Cinema Pure Color Engine” which uses the long-lasting Generation 2.3 LED light engine. Rated for over 60,000 hours of use and is Enter Star compliant, and does not require lamp replacements, and uses lower energy.

The Series 7 LED DLP HDTV 61-inch model Samsung HL61A750 will be avaliable in April, while the 67-inch Samsung HL67A750 will be avaliable in June.