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Samsung PN63A760 Reviewed

samsung pn63a760The Samsung PN63A760 is a very large Full HD 1080p plasma HDTV at a massive 63-inches.  The PN63A760 comes from Samsung’s latest Series 7 760 range, being the largest in the range.  It’s fairly common for the smaller HDTVs to be LCD and the larger models plasma, this is the route that Samsung has taken with the A760′s.

The firs thing you will notice about the Samsung PN63A760 is it’s stunning design.  Featuring their “Touch of Color” style which adds a delicate hint of color to the design, which even extends down to the stand.  Many plasmas have a highly reflective display, which can be highly annoying when viewing during the day.  The PN63A760 doesn’t have this issue as it features an ultra-bright anti-reflective display, which enhances the colors and reduces and reflection.

samsung pn63a760

The Samsung PN63A760 is packed with highend features to improve the viewing quality, such as DNIe Pro engine for image enhancement, 18-bit Natural True Color, and  a massively high dynamic contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 delivering deep blacks and colorful images.  The PN63A760 also boasts high frame rate 120Hz processing, normally only found on LCD HDTV, which helps to eliminate judder and motion blur.

DLNA network support is featured, along with InfoLink service, which can display interactive live news and information at a touch of a button.  Cnet reviewed the Samsung PN63A760 and said,Overall, the Samsung PN63A760 is a good performer, and brings a huge feature set and enormously different styling, but its picture quality fell short of the tough competition.