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Samsung PS42Q97HDX Reviewed

Samsung PS42Q97HDXThe Samsung PS42Q97HDX is a surprising treat; a great looking, big screen, from a well known brand at a great price of just £699 ($1,400 USD). Often when we see a big screen that does not cost a whole lot, it is either from a lesser known brand, or from a well known brand from their budget line where they cut many of the features we see in their other models. But the Samsung PS42Q97HDX does not cut any corners, it looks great with a great build and does not lack any features or cut in the connections area.
The PS42Q97HDX includes a healthy selection of three HDMI inputs, VGA PC input, component, s-video, 2x scart and composite along with a built in digital tuner with 7-day guide. The 42-inch widescreen plasma screen has a 1024×768 pixel resolution with a contrast ratio of 15,000:1, brightness of 1500cd/m2. TrustedReviews have reviewed the Samsung PS42Q97HDX and say, it’s clear almost immediately that most of the key elements in producing a winning picture performance are in place. For instance, the screen’s black levels are really outstanding, making Samsung’s claims of a 15000:1 contrast ratio appear less fanciful than we’d anticipated. In fact, the inky blackness that forms the backdrops to so much of Alien and the terrifying experience of Condemned on the Xbox 360 looks almost as profound and free of greyness as it does on Panasonic’s latest plasmas.
Sonically the PS42Q97HDX also surpasses our expectations. For even though it employs the same sort of ‘invisible speaker’ technology encountered on Samsung’s previous flat TV range, this time round those speakers seem to have more power and frequency range. By the standards of a £699 42in plasma TV, the Samsung PS42Q97HD is so good it’s almost silly.