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Samsung PS-50P96FD, PS-63P76FD

Samsung PS-63P76FDSamsung are upping their game in the plasma market by bringing two new full HD plasma panels to the market. First up is the 50-inch Samsung PS-50P96FD and the giant 60-inch Samsung PS-63P76FD which gives you a whole 160cm diagonal screen size. Both of the new plasma screens have a 15:000:1 contrast ratio and a high 1,000 cm/m2 brightness value with a viewing angle of above 175 degrees.

Both of the new plasma screens use a 18-bit video processor which can produce a whooping 18 quadrillion colors or 262,144 different shades of gray. Both the Samsung PS-63P76FD and the PS-50P96FD have three HDMI 1.3 inputs (two at the rear, and one quick access on the side), and support 1:1 pixel by pixel mapping for the best possible image quality. Both support HDMI-CEC for controlling of other home theater equipment.

  • Samsung PS-50P96FD (PS50P96FD)- €3,000
  • Samsung PS-63P76FD (PS63P76FD) – €5,800