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Samsung PS-50P96FD, PS-63P76FD

Samsung PS-63P76FDSamsung are upping their game in the plasma market by bringing two new full HD plasma panels to the market. First up is the 50-inch Samsung PS-50P96FD and the giant 60-inch Samsung PS-63P76FD which gives you a whole 160cm diagonal screen size. Both of the new plasma screens have a 15:000:1 contrast ratio and a high 1,000 cm/m2 brightness value with a viewing angle of above 175 degrees. Read more

Samsung F9 Series / F96

Samsung F9 LE-52F96BDThe Samsung F9 Series was announced a few weeks ago in America as the Samsung 81 Series and has received a huge amount of attention, so we can expect the same of the Samsung F9 over in Europe as well. Read more

Samsung F8 Series / F86

Samsung F8 SeriesFor our European visitors I present you with the Samsung F8 Series, the European equivalent of the very impressive American Samsung 71 series. First off the new F8 series of LCD HDTVs look amazing with the thin frame black gloss finish. Currently we know of the 40-inch Samsung LE40F86BD and the 46-inch LE-46F86BD, but we suspect they will also be available in both 37 and 52 inches. Read more

Samsung LE40R88BD

Samsung LE40R88BDThe Samsung LE40R88BD is 40-inch LCD and the largest set of Samsung’s R88 series of LCD HDTVs. The 40-inch LE40R88BD looks absolutely amazing like most of Samsung’s LCDs, with an elegant and stylish smooth black gloss finish with hidden speakers which support SRS Trusurround from the two 10w speakers. Read more

Samsung TX-T3092, TX-T3093WH

Samsung TX-T3093WHSamsung still has trust in the traditional flat CTR screens with it’s SlimFit HDTV technology, and has released three CRT HDTVs at very reasonable prices. Many people still argue that CRT offers the best quality image over LCD and plasma, and Samsung has managed to achieve vibrant colors and image clarity in a small cabinet which is 1/3 thinner than most regular flat CRTs. Read more

Samsung HL-T5687S Reviewed

HL-T5687SFrom Samsung’s latest 2007 LED backlight engine DLP HDTVs comes the 58-inch Samsung HL-T5687S. The HL-T5687S uses a LED light engine (CinemaSmooth LED) rather than the common lamp, so not longer will you have to replace the lamp every so often, and also receive improved colors and lower power usage, and a slimmer design. Read more

Samsung LN40R81B, LN32R81B, LN23R81W

Samsung LN40R81BSamsung has added three new LCD HDTVs to their midrange Bordeaux lineup. I have long been a fan of Samsung’s designs as some of the very best looking HDTVs available, and these new LCDs look just as great. All three sets are 720p / 1080i HD screens in 23-inches LN23R81W, 32-inch LN23R81W and 40-inch LN40R81B. Read more

Samsung Dual-Format & 3rd Gen Players Update

Samsung has slowly been releasing more details about their third generation blu-ray and Dual HD format players. We have found out that the two Blu-ray players announced earlier this month support 1080p at 24 or 60fps, while the BD-P2400 supports 7.1-channel audio output, and the BD-P1400 5.1 output. Read more

Samsung LN-S3251D Reviewed

Samsung LN-S3251DIf you are looking for a great 32-inch LCD HDTV at a great price from a well known brand, you should check out the Samsung LN-S3251D. It’s very clear than many other people have, and bought the LN-S3251D as it is the most popular HDTV sold through pricegrabber. The Samsung LNS3251D has a very attractive and modern look which should appeal to almost everyone out there, a 1366×768 pixel resolution for 720p and 1080i HD formats delivering a great image at 4,000:1 contrast ratio and deep black levels. Read more

Samsung Ships 2007 Models | 76, 87 and 89 Series

Samsung-hl-t6176sEarlier this year, back at CES, Samsung announced a whole bunch of 1080p DLP (digital light projection) HDTVs, ranging from 50-inch to 61-inch in the form of three series, the Samsung 76, 87, and 89 series. Now these beauties have been released and have begun shipping across the whole series. Read more

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