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Samsung 750 | LN40A750, LN46A750, LN52A750

Samsung LN40A750TSamsung have announced their 2008 HDTV lineup, and right at the very top of their LCD HDTVs are the Samsung 7 Series LCD, or 750 LCDs. The 7 Series models are very similar to the also recently announced Samsung 6 series LCDs, with a few extra enhancements and features. The top of the line Samsung 750 models come in three different screen sizes, the 40-inch LN40A750, 46-inch LN46A750, and the 52-inch LN52A750. Read more

Samsung LN-T4671F Reviewed

Samsung LN-T4671FThe Samsung LN-T4671F is one of Samsung’s newer LCDs to hit the market and offers many image enhancing features to bring you the very best from HD. Samsung is the number one HDTV manufacturer in the world and its easy to see why. They offers great looking screen, with great specifications and image enhancing features, at a price lower than some of their direct competition, such as Sony. Read more

Samsung LE40M87BD Reviewed

Samsung LE40M87BDFrom Samsung’s M87 range comes the well sized 40-inch LE40M87BD Full HD 1080p LCD. We have previously seen the larger 52-inch LE52M87BD get a great review from it’s looks and features, but the LE40M87BD is a much more appealing and practical size.
I currently own a 40-inch, the Sony KDL40W3000 and feel it is one of the best sizes available, and benefits from the Full HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, where as a smaller HDTV will not benefit so much. Read more

Samsung LE52F96BD Reviewed

Sharp LE52F96BDThere have been a number of highly anticipated HDTVs this year, and the Samsung LE52F96BD is well up there. The 52-inch Samsung LE-52F96BD is from the Samsung F96 series, which features LED Backlighting to create a stunning contrast ratio of 500,000:1, much higher than the standard 4,000-16,000:1 ratings we normally see in standard CCFL backlit HDTVs. Read more

Samsung LE37R87BD Reviewed

Samsung LE37R87BDThe Samsung LE37R87BD is currently the best setting LCD / Plasma HDTV in England, and for very good reasons. The LE37R87BD is a 37-inch LCD HDTV which places it’s self right in the middle of the most popular sizes, it’s not a massive screen which will take over your whole room, nor is it in anyway small. Read more

Samsung LE40F86BD Reviewed

Samsung LE40F86BDThe 40-inch Samsung LE40F86BD is from Samsung’s very latest F8 / F86 series which is overflowing with all the latest features to get the very best from this LCD HDTV. The LE40F86BD looks great with it’s thin black gloss frame, and features a 1080p (1920×1080 pixel) LCD screen for the very highest HD format. Read more

Samsung LN-T4681F Reviewed

Samsung LN-T4681FOne of the most anticipated HDTVs of the year has been released and reviewed. The Samsung LN-T4681F is from the top of the range Samsung 81 series which features LED backlighting as apposed to a standard CCFL lighting which boasts a huge contrast ratio for stunning colours, superior black levels and reduced power usage. Read more

Samsung PS50P96 Reviewed

Samsung PS50P96FDSince the very moment the Samsung PS50P96FD was announced it attracted a lot of attention from prospective buyers. The PS50P96 is a large 50-inch plasma HDTV which offers a full HD 1080p screen offering the highest pixel count of 1920×1080 pixels for the highest quality images, and comes loaded with all the latest HD features. Read more

Samsung BD-UP5000 Reviewed

Samsung bd-up5000 smallA very frustrating fact of owning a HDTV is, you own this great HDTV, but you have yet to buy an HD media to show off on your set. As the HD format war is still nowhere closer to an end, users don’t want to pay for a player and media, only for the format to later die. Read more

Samsung LN46F81BD, LN40F81BD, LN52F81BD

Samsung ln46f81bdSamsung has just introduced three new LCDs from their Bordeaux PAVV range of HDTVs which beats their previous amazingly high 17,000:1 contrast ratio. The new Pavv LCDs look simply stunning with their black gloss frame and blue glowing light at the bottom center. Read more

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