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Samsung T220, T240, T260

Samsung T260HDIt’s time again for one of those products which is both a LCD monitor, perfect for business, and also perfect for use as a HDTV and HD media screen. The Samsung T260HD is a 26-inch LCD screen released along with it’s 24-inch brother the Samsung T240, which both have a 1920×1080 pixel resolution which is perfect for full HD media content such as Blu-ray. Read more

Samsung Series 6 & 7 DLP

Samsung Series 7 DLP HDTVSony and a bunch of other TV manufacturers has pulled out of the DLP (Digital light projection) HDTV market recently, but Samsung is standing strong with the technology and have announced two new series. Their latest DLPs look great and offer great specifications and features, such as being “3D ready” and support full 1080p HD screens along with bigger screen sizes. Read more

Samsung Series 4, Series 5 Plasma | A450P, A550P

Samsung PN42A450PSamsung’s newest lines of plasmas, the Series 4, and Series 5 plasma aim to provide users with higher-end features and performance at excellent price points. Both series claim to be the “world’s fire 3D ready flat panel HDTV” to bring 3D movie viewing and gaming to the public. Both look great with a piano black frame and feature all high quality components and advanced features normally only seen in top price models. Read more

Samsung Series 7 Plasma | PN50A750, PN58A750, PN63A750

Samsung Series 7 (PN58A750T)Samsung’s new top of the range plasma, the series 7 provides the top spot for their plasma line up. Having also announced the lower ranged series 4 and 5, the Samsung series 7 plasma takes the cake. Pioneer ruled last year with their very impressive Kuro line up, and Samsung is fighting back with their new plasma. Read more

Samsung LE19R86BD

LE19R86BDIf you’re looking for a smallish HDTV which looks great, you should take some time to look at the Samsung LE19R86BD 19-inch LCD HDTV. Samsung have created the LE19R86BD especially with bedroom, kitchen, second TV use in mind, or just people people what don’t want a huge box in the room.

The Samsung LE19R86BD is a 19-inch LCD HDTV with great looks and style and features to back it up. Read more

Samsung Series 4 LCD

Samsung LN40A450P (Series 4 LCD)Samsung have announced two new LCD HDTV ranges, the Series 4 LCD and the Series 5 LCD. The Samsung Series 4 LCD HDTVs aim to combine together both excellent value for money, with high quality components, giving you a great HDTV without paying through the roof. All model sizes in the Series 4 range have Samsung’s 720p Super Patterned Vertical Alignment (SPVA) LCD panel, delivering great picture quality with a high 178 degree viewing angle. Read more

Samsung Series 5 LCD

Samsung LN32A550PSamsung have announced two new series of HDTVs for release in early 2008. They have announced the Samsung Series 5 LCD, and the Series 4 LCD, with the aim of merging form and function into a well priced HDTV that features many of the same components of their higher range sets. Read more

Samsung 2493HM / 2693HM (SyncMaster)

Samsung SyncMaster 2493HMIt is not very often I post about a non HDTV product, but the very impressive looking Samsung SyncMaster 2493HM and the Samsung 2693HM LCD computer screens caught my eye. Not only do they look great, and have taken some styling tips from current HDTVs they have some very impressive specifications, and of course some very HD features. Read more

Samsung LNT5265F

Samsung LNT5265FThe Samsung LNT5265F is the largest avaliable model from the Samsung 65F series, at a very large 52-inches. Other models in the 65F series are the 40-inch and 46-inch. If large and stylish is what you are going for, then the Samsung LNT5265F (LN-T5265F) should suit you very well. Style wise, it looks very smart and stylish with it’s thin black frame, with a cool blue light at the bottom center of the set. Read more

Samsung Series 6 650 | LN40A650, LN46A650, LN52A650

Samsung LN40A650TSamsung’s brand new highend LCD HDTVs for 2008 are the Series 7, and Series 6 models. We will be talking about the Samsung Series 6 in this post, which consist of three different sized models, all ending with A650T, so this could also be known as the Samsung 650 models. The Series 6 models are one step down from the Series 7 models, but are practically identical, and only lack a USB 2.0 port and the internal 1GB flash storage. Read more

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