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Samsung Series 7 LCD | LE40A756, LE46A756, LE52A756

Samsung LE-46A750Samsung couldn’t wait for this year’s IFA to announced their new line up of HDTVs. The new Samsung Series 7 LCD (A750) consists of three full HD 1080p HDTVs. The 40-inch Samsung LE40A756, 46-inch LE46A756, and 52-inch LE52A756. All have a very impressive look with smooth and sleek styling that would look great in any room, which Samsung call the Crystal Design (Rose Black). Read more

Samsung LE-40A780

Samsung LE-40A780Samsung’s new Series 7 LCD HDTV will officially be announced at this year IFA in Berlin at the end of August. The Samsung Series 7 LCD range will consists of two separate ranges, the A750′s and the A780. In this post I will talk about the new Samsung LE-40A780 40-inch LCD HDTV. Read more

Samsung LE46A956, LE55A956 | Series 9 LCD

Samsung LE-46A950With IFA 2008 just over a month away now, Samsung has already jumped the gun and released details of their brand new HDTVs. First up are the 46-inch Samsung LE46A956, and the 55-inch LCD LE55A956 , from the Samsung Series 9 LCD (A956) HDTV range. Going from Samsung’s normal numbering system and the specifications, the new Series 9 LCD duo appear to be the new high end models above the newly announced Series 7 LCD (A780′s). Read more

Samsung LN52A650 Reviewed

Samsung LN52A650One of the most exciting HDTVs announced this year by the major brands is the Samsung Series 6 650 range. The Samsung 6 / 650 series consists of six different sized models, and sitting right at the very top of the series is the largest 52-inch Samsung LN52A650. Read more

Samsung PN50A550 Reviewed

Samsung PN50A550Samsung have given the plasma HDTV market some love with it’s latest 50-inch plasma offering, the Samsung PN50A550. Samsung looks set to win some of the plasma market back from Pioneer with the PN50A550. It comes from the new Samsung Series 5 range, and offers a full HD 1080p resolution, with advanced processing to improve image quality and reduce noise. Read more

Samsung Expects Bigger OLED displays Next Year

Samsung OLEDWe have been seeing OLED displays from both Sony with their 11-inch Sony XEL-1, and Samsung’s 14 and 32-inch offerings from this years CES, but no idea with regards to production dates on the medium to large sizes. Samsung’s VP Marketing are now saying that medium and large OLED displays for monitors, HDTVs and laptops should appear on the market in 2009 and 2010. Read more

Samsung Armani HDTV

samsung_armani_hdtv.jpgYes thats right, Samsung and Armani have teamed up to create two LCD HDTVs together. We assume this has happened due to the huge success of the LG Prada cell phone, and Samsung Armani cell phone. This is probably just evolution in the “designer” electronic products. Anyhow the new premium Armani HDTV was unveiled on the first day of the Milan International Furniture Fair. Read more

Samsung LN-T5265F Reviewed

Samsung LNT5265FLooking for a large, stylish, high quality and decently priced HDTV? I would highly recommend you checkout the Samsung LN-T5265F, from the Samsung 65F series. This large 52-inch HDTV has been selling so well, it has been on the top 10 list of many retailers for many months, and for good reason, this is a very good HDTV. Read more

Samsung LN-T4081F Reviewed

Samsung LN-T4081FSamsung have come up with a very impressive HDTV from it’s 81 Series, with the Samsung LN-T4081F. The 40-inch LNT4081F has some of the best performance and quality results out there on the market.

So how does the Samsung LN-T4081F perform so well? It uses many LEDs to light the screen rather than a standard CCFL backlight, this produces very high performance in terms of eliminating motion blur, improving black levels and color contrast ratio. Read more

Samsung 53 Series | 953BW, 2053BW, 2253LW, 253BW

Samsung 2053BW (Samsung 53 Series)I normally only post about HDTVs and everything HD, which sometimes includes computer LCD monitors if they feature a HD resolution of 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels), but they brand new and amazing looking Samsung 53 series of monitors caught my attention, and I just had to write about them. Read more

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