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Samsung LE46A756 Reviewed

Samsung LE-46A750The Samsung LE46A756 is the middle sized model from the Samsung A756 / Series 7, featuring a 46-inch LCD panel.

Right away the LE46A756  distinguishes its self from other HDTVs out there by it’s “touch of color” design.  With a very appealing dark red crystal design bezel. The Samsung LE-46A756 is after all one of Samsung’s highend models, and the design certainly give that impression. Read more

Samsung 63-inch 4k x 2k Ultra Fine Definition Plasma

Right now Samsung seems to be on fire with new HD technologies. Along with the 40-inch 1080p OLED HDTV that Samsung announced only yesterday at the the FPD International, they have now shown off a 63-inch Ultra Fine plasma. Read more

Samsung 40-inch 1080p OLED HDTV

The OLED technology seems to be moving the the right direction faster and faster every month. The main factor limiting OLED HDTV production is their size limits, with the only available screens being very small.

Samsung has just changed this. Read more

Samsung LE55A956 Reviewed

samsung le55a956A few months ago we wrote about the 55-inch Samsung LE55A956 and it’s smaller 46-inch brother, the LE46A956 when Samsung announced it at this years IFA. The LE55A956 is from Samsung’s Series 9 (A956) range, meaning it’s one of their highest-end models, with features such as LED backlighting.

Roughly a year ago Samsung released their first LCD backlit HDTV which pushed the image quality of LCD HDTVs one step further with it’s extremely impressive black levels and contrast ratios. Read more

Samsung LE52A656 Reviewed

Samsung LE52A656Currently one of the best 52-inch LCD HDTVs on the market today is the very attractive Samsung LE52A656. The LE52A656 is currently proudly sitting on the front page of Samsung’s website, a key sign that Samsung is very proud of this HDTV. Not only does it look great with it’s stylish design and touch of color finish, but the Samsung LE52A656 is also packed with highend features and impressive specifications to provide you with a great viewing experience. Read more

Samsung Series 6 630 | LN40A630, LN46A630, LN52A630

Samsung ln40a630To finish off out huge run down of all the new HDTVs that Samsung has graced us with, I present the Samsung Series 6 630. The new Samsung Series 6, aka Samsung 630, and not to be confused with the existing 650 range, features the popular “Touch of Color” design and a full HD 1080p LCD panel with 120Hz high frame rate technology for reduce motion blur and judder during high motion scenes. Read more

Samsung Series 7 760 Plasma | PN50A760, PN58A760 and PN63A760

Samsung PN50A760Samsung has let loose a whole bunch of new LCD HDTVs, but they have not forgotten about the plasma fan out there. The newly announced Samsung Series 7 760 plasma range has just been official announced by Samsung, and will hit the stores very soon in August 08. As we often see with plasma HDTVs, they are offered in some great large sizes, from 50-inches to 63-inches, for some big screen, home cinema experiences. Read more

Samsung Series 8 850 | LN46A850, LN52A850, LN46A860, LN52A860

Samsung LN46A860New for the U.S market, Samsung have announced the Samsung Series 8 850 / 860 LCD HDTVs. We shall see these beautiful HDTVs very soon (September 08), which feature a full HD 1080p Ultra Clear LCD screen, with a fast 4ms response time. Read more

Samsung LN46A950, LN55A950 | LCD 950

Samsung LN46A950Just a few days after Samsung announced their new lineup for IFA in Europe, we now have official word of their new flagship models for the U.S market. The Samsung Series 9 LCD range, is the second generation 9 Series ( LCD 950), and will be hitting the U.S in August. The 9 Series will be available in 46-inch and 55-inch sizes, and are particularly exciting due to their top notch features and LED backlighting. Read more

Samsung PS-50A750, PS-63A750

Samsung PS-50A750Samsung have announced two new large plasma HDTVs onto the market in the form of the Samsung 7 Series Plasma range. Both have a full HD 1080p plasma screen, and boast very impressive features and specifications. The 7 series plasma’s have an impressive and attractive looking frame based on their “crystal” design theme. Read more

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