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Samsung 7 Series | UN40B7000, UN46B7000, UN55B7000

samsung 7000The Samsung 7000 series is new for 2009, introduced as part of Samsung’s 2009 lineup at CES.

Available in three sizes as the 55-inch Samsung UN55B7000, the 46-inch Samsung UN46B7000, and the 40-inch Samsung UN40B7000. Read more

Samsung LE40A558 Reviewed

samsung le40a558Just like house prices, many HDTV prices are falling as well. For example the 40-inch Samsung LE40A558 LCD HDTV we have here was once priced at over £1000, and can now be found for just over £600. Not a bad deal at all, considering it’s a fairly large LCD HDTV at 40-inches from a respectable brand, and features a 1080p / Full HD LCD panel. Read more

Samsung 2494HS

Having just gone on sale in Japan, the Samsung 2494HS SyncMaster LCD monitor looks very appealing and I can only hope that it will soon make it’s way to the U.S and European markets. Read more

Samsung 2009 HDTV Lineup (Samsung LED)

Some information has leaked about Samsung’s new HDTVs for 2009, a week or so before CES, but now we have official word and confirmation from Samsung about their new models. Read more

Samsung LE32A558 Reviewed

Samsung LE32A558The Samsung LE32A558 is a great looking and rather interesting LCD HDTV. As you probably know, HDTVs come in two different screen resolutions, 720p, and 1080p aka Full HD. Full HD offers the highest resolution, and is normally only found on large HDTVs of 40-inches and more, and cost more. Read more

Samsung LN55A950 Reviewed

samsung ln55a950The 55-inch Samsung LN55A950 is the larger of two LCD HDTVs by Samsung, which sit right at the top of the product line up. The flagship LCD HDTV has a great design which Samsung call “Touch of Color”, and as you would expect, has some top notch features. Read more

Samsung 2494HS

Any regular readers of this site will know that every now and then I spot a regular computer monitor which has perfect credentials for HD media use. The Samsung 2494HS is from Samsung’s SyncMaster range of monitors. Read more

Samsung LE40A856 Reviewed

samsung le40a856The 40-inch Samsung LE40A856 has to be one of the most stylish HDTVs to have been released recently. The Samsung LE40A856 has a full HD / 1080p LCD panel with a very slim 8cm thickness. With a very thin bezel (frame) the 40-inch HDTV takes less space than some other sets, resulting in a great design. Read more

Samsung 2333SW, 2233SW, 2033SW

samsung 2233swSamsung have announced their new SyncMaster line of LCD monitors, with the usual glossy and curvy attractive design. The ones of interest to me are the ones with the full HD 1080p resoltion of 1920×1080 pixels.

The 23-inch Samsung SyncMaster 2333SW, and the 21.5-inch Samsung SyncMaster 2233SW has the 1920×1080 pixel resolution, which is perfect for HD content such as blu-ray, being able to display it, in the native resolution with no bars or rescaling. Read more

Samsung PN63A760 Reviewed

samsung pn63a760The Samsung PN63A760 is a very large Full HD 1080p plasma HDTV at a massive 63-inches.  The PN63A760 comes from Samsung’s latest Series 7 760 range, being the largest in the range.  It’s fairly common for the smaller HDTVs to be LCD and the larger models plasma, this is the route that Samsung has taken with the A760′s. Read more

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