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Samsung 84, 94 series

Samsung 94 seriesSamsung have announced their 84 series and 94 series plasmas, featuring full 1080p displays with 15,000:1 contrast ratio, UltraBright light diffusion engine, 18-bit color processing, ATSC / clear QAM tuners, 3x CEC HDMI inputs and USB.  Now if your looking for something a little extra, the Samsung 94 series features 802.11n WiFi streaming for upto 1080i HD video to the set. Read more

Samsung 71, 81 Series

samsung-81-series.jpgSamsung are launching the very impressive 71 and 81 series of 1080p LCD HDTVs. Both are not only impressive looks wise, but feature wise, as we will see some new features never seen before.

The Samsung 71 series features, what they called Auto Motion Plus, also known as 120Hz, this very high refresh rate helps to keep images looking very clear Read more

Samsung LN-T42H Series

Samsung LN-T3742H | LN-T42H SeriesThe Samsung LN-T42H series is Samsung’s current entry-level LCD HDTV line, which come in five different sizes. From the smallest to the biggest, the 23-inch LN-T2342H, 26 inch LN-T2642H, 32-inch LN-T3242H, 40-inch LN-T4042H and the largest, 46-inch LN-T4642H.
All sets give you typically what you would expect from a good brand name LCD manufacturer, giving you a native resolution of 1,366×768 pixels for 720p and 1080i HD formats. Read more

Samsung BD-UP5000 Release Date

Samsung announced their first Blu-ray and HD-DVD “HD Duo” player, the Samsung BD-UP5000 back in April after the LG BH100 player which was the first dual HD player to be annoucd during the CES 2007. Samsung have how said that they will begin to shop the BD-UP5000 in October or November. Read more

Samsung LE52M87BD Reviewed

Samsung LE52M87BDAt 52-inches it would be hard to find anyone who does not agree that the benefits of full HD 1080p will clearly visitable at this screen size. The Samsung LE52M87BD offers full 1080p “Full HD” along with direct 1:1 pixel mapping for the highest possible HD images. The older generation of Samsung’s 1080p set, the LE40F71B was far from perfect, with no perfect mapping or digital tuner amongst other things, but with the LE52M87BD, Samsung have fixed all these problems leaving a very nice, impressive and interesting HDTV. Read more

Samsung LN-T4661F Reviewed

Samsung LN-T4661FThe Samsung LN-T4661F is Samsung’s least expensive 46-inch large LCD HDTV which offers full HD 1080p resolution for the best HD format support. The LN-T4661F is basically identical to the Samsung LN-T4665, but the Samsung LN-T4661F reviewed here does not have a glossy shiny screen which reflected a lot of light from the surrounding room which distracts from viewing. If glare and reflections annoy you the Samsung LN-T4661F should be a great choice for you. Read more

Samsung PS50Q97HD Reviewed

Samsung PS50Q97HDIf you like your HDTV large, you will love the Samsung PS50Q97HD 50-inch plasma HDTV. The PS50Q97HD looks great with a slim continuous black bezel sounding the large screen with the power button on the bottom center with a cool looking blue light. The light can be set to be on all the time, off, or on when in standby mode, we would recommend either off, or standby mode as it can be distracting from the image during dark scenes. Read more

Samsung LN70F91BD | 70-Inch LED-backlit LCD

Samsung LN70F91BDSamsung have announced their huge 70-inch LED backlit LCD HDTV to the Korean market. The Samsung LN70F91BD as the monster is known is the World’s largest commercially available LCD on the market. The LN70F91BD boasts some very nice features also, such as the best form of HD, 1080p along with 120Hz refresh rate and of course Samsung’s own dimming LED backlight technology for a reported sky high 500,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. Read more

Samsung PAVV LCDs | LN40M81BD, LN46M81BD, LN52M81BD

pavv-ln52m81bd.jpgSamsung have announced some very impressive LCDs from their PAVV series. Available in three sizes, 40-inch, 46-inch and 52-inch all boast a 1080p full HD resolution with three HDMI inputs along with a very impressive 17,000:1 contrast ratio which is rather amazing. Read more

Samsung PS42Q97HDX Reviewed

Samsung PS42Q97HDXThe Samsung PS42Q97HDX is a surprising treat; a great looking, big screen, from a well known brand at a great price of just £699 ($1,400 USD). Often when we see a big screen that does not cost a whole lot, it is either from a lesser known brand, or from a well known brand from their budget line where they cut many of the features we see in their other models. But the Samsung PS42Q97HDX does not cut any corners, it looks great with a great build and does not lack any features or cut in the connections area.
The PS42Q97HDX includes a healthy selection of three HDMI inputs, VGA PC input, component, s-video, 2x scart and composite along with a built in digital tuner with 7-day guide. Read more

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