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Samsung LN-T4081F Reviewed

Samsung LN-T4081FSamsung have come up with a very impressive HDTV from it’s 81 Series, with the Samsung LN-T4081F. The 40-inch LNT4081F has some of the best performance and quality results out there on the market.

So how does the Samsung LN-T4081F perform so well? It uses many LEDs to light the screen rather than a standard CCFL backlight, this produces very high performance in terms of eliminating motion blur, improving black levels and color contrast ratio.

LED Motion Plus along scans at very high frequencys to eliminate motion blur with 120Hz, and LED SmartLighting produces incredible contrast ratios and black levels by controlling the brightness of the LEDs of areas of the image independently to produce the best image. This can make dark or black areas truly black and brighter areas even more vibrant, rather than lighting the whole image equally like most HDTVs. This enables the Samsung LN-T4081F to have a very impressive contrast ratio of 500,000:1.

The Samsung LN-T4081F sets a new record high for image quality and receives top marks.