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Samsung LN40B550 Reviewed (LE40B550)

samsung ln40b550The Samsung LN40B550 is the 40-inch model from the Samsung B550 series. It is known as the Samsung LE40B550 in Europe.

The 40-inch Samsung LN40B550 is the middle sized model from the series, which ranges from 32-inches (LN32B550) all the way upto the 52-inch LN52B550.

The B550 series is one of Samsung’s latest more budget end of the market models, but don’t let that put you off. Samsung’s cheaper models have increase dramatically over the past few years, and we are probably at the point now where the cheapest new models, are better the the top of the range models from just a few years back.

From looking at the Samsung LN40B550 you could easily mistake it for one of the top of the range models, as it has a great design and high quality finish.

samsung ln40b550

It features a 1080p / Full HD LCD resolution, a high 70,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, and 6ms response time. The Samsung LE40B550 (LN40B550) also features a built in HD tuner, and dedicated game mode. Connectivity is surprisingly very good with 4x HDMI inputs, 2x component, PC VGA input and USB 2.0.

The Samsung LN40B550 is very well priced, and was given a 9 out of ten rating over all, with 9 out of ten for image quality and features, and a 10 out of ten rating for value. The LN40B550 is a very impressive HDTV, especially when you consider it’s low low asking price.