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Samsung LN32B360 Reviewed

Samsung LN32B360The Samsung LN32B360 is a 32-inch 720p LCD HDTV from Samsung’s latest entry level range. As the LN32B360 is an entry level HDTV it has been priced accordingly, which makes it a great deal as they can currently be found online for around just $400.

While the Samsung LN32B360 might be at the starting end of the market and offered at a very attractive price point it doesn’t mean it’s going to perform badly. As you are buying from a respected brand such as Samsung you know you are going to get a decent kit. While it’s not packed with very latest technology, it has some very respectable specifications.

It has a 720p LCD panel, which at 32-inches is more than enough, along with a 30,000:1 contrast ratio and 8ms response time which helps to keep action scenes sharp. It also features wide color enhancer which brings improved colors and contrast.

Samsung LN32B360

The Samsung LN32B360 produces some very deep black levels for an entry level HDTV with accurate color and plenty of picture controls, a feature which can often be lacking in many models. It also feature a very attractive design.

While it might not be the cheapest 32-inch HDTV on the market, it is probably the best at it’s price point, offering better quality images than it’s competitors. Cnet reviewed the LN32B360 giving it a positive receive and said, the Samsung LNB360 series outdid the others we’ve seen by virtue of its slightly deeper black levels and solid all-around picture quality. Although not as feature-heavy as some models in its class, the LN32B360 series takes the picture quality cake among entry-level LCDs.