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Samsung LN-T4681F Reviewed

Samsung LN-T4681FOne of the most anticipated HDTVs of the year has been released and reviewed. The Samsung LN-T4681F is from the top of the range Samsung 81 series which features LED backlighting as apposed to a standard CCFL lighting which boasts a huge contrast ratio for stunning colours, superior black levels and reduced power usage.
The 46-inch Samsung LN-T4681F (LNT4681F) not only looks great, it offers the very latest and best in HDTV technology, the LED SmartLighting and LED Motion Plus provide excellent results, by allowing individual LEDs in certain areas of the screen to be turned off or dimmed during a dark scene. Combined with a full 1080p HD (1920×1080 pixel) LCD screen, the LN-T4681F is one of the very best HDTVs available. Sound&Vision Mag say, LCDs have been steadily improving, but LED-driven Samsung LN-T4681F represents a dramatic leap for the technology in the key areas of black level and picture contrast. It’s a winner for movie buffs and sports fans alike. Although it might seem pricey compared with other LCDs, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be paying for the best. Inputs include 3x HDMI, 2x component, 2x composite, s-video and VGA.