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Samsung LN-T4661F Reviewed

Samsung LN-T4661FThe Samsung LN-T4661F is Samsung’s least expensive 46-inch large LCD HDTV which offers full HD 1080p resolution for the best HD format support. The LN-T4661F is basically identical to the Samsung LN-T4665, but the Samsung LN-T4661F reviewed here does not have a glossy shiny screen which reflected a lot of light from the surrounding room which distracts from viewing. If glare and reflections annoy you the Samsung LN-T4661F should be a great choice for you. As well as boasting 1080p the LN-T4661F has a great futuristic look, 2x HDMI 1.3 inputs, a high dynamic contrast ratio of 10,000:1 and many advanced picture controls allowing you to tweak the LN-T4661F’s picture exactly how you want. Cnet have reviewed the Samsung LN-T4661F where they say, two HDMI input are located on the back, while a third can be found in a recessed bay along the panel’s left side. The Samsung’s commendable connectivity continues with a pair of component-video inputs, an AV input with S-Video, two RF inputs for cable and antenna, and a VGA-style RGB input for computers.

As we expected, the Samsung also delivered a very clean image. We didn’t notice any false contouring during the film, even in tough areas like the sunlight in the misty jungle that showed slight contours on the Panasonic plasma.

Overall, the Samsung LNT4661F came close to the picture quality of its slightly more expensive brother, the LN-T4665F. If you’re stuck with a bright room or simply don’t want to contend with the glare from the 65F’s screen, the Samsung LN-T4661F makes a solid choice.